Allworx® IP Phones

Durable, Flexible Designs That Are Perfect for Any Business Setting

Allworx IP phones are built to work seamlessly with Allworx VoIP communication systems and advanced software add-ons, ensuring unparalleled ease-of-use and customization.

Loved by More Than 760,000 Business Users


Allworx 9224 with Three Tx 92/24 Expanders

  • 24 programmable function buttons
  • 192x64 pixel backlit display
  • Add up to three Tx 92/24 Expanders


Allworx 9224 with three Tx 92/24 Expanders

Allworx 9212L

  • 12 programmable function buttons
  • 192x64 pixel backlit display
Allworx 9212L

Allworx 9204 & 9204G

  • Four programmable function buttons
  • 192x64 pixel backlit display
  • Built-in Gigabit Ethernet for 9204G
Allworx 9204 & 9204G

Allworx 9202E

  • Two call appearance buttons
  • 128x36 pixel display

Allworx IP Phone Model Comparison

  1. Requires an additional advanced software license key(s).
  2. A system extension does not have an individual voicemail box (e.g., break room, customer service queue). The maximum number of system extensions is equal to the maximum number of user licenses available for a server.
  3. Handsets include Allworx IP phones, activated Allworx Reach licenses, generic SIP devices, and analog devices.
  4. Requires Allworx System Software 8.1 or higher.

Programmable Function Buttons

We believe your business phone should work the way you like to use it. Use the Programmable Function Buttons to customize your individual phone. 

ACD Appearance

Used by call center agents to receive incoming calls into their assigned ACD queues. They can also use this button to log in/out and update temporary status (e.g., break, lunch). This feature requires an Allworx Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software license key.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

Shows the status of another user in the Allworx system. Red, flashing red, and amber colors indicate an active call, active ringing, and do not disturb (DND) status for that user. 

Call Supervision

Allows supervisors to participate in any agent calls in three possible modes – silent (just listening), whisper (only the agent can hear the supervisor), or barging (supervisor can join the active ongoing conversation).

Emergency Alert Monitoring

Flashes alternating red and amber colors when 911 is dialed within the Allworx system. It also indicates the extension from which the call is made so you can direct the emergency crew to the exact location.

Hot Desking

Great for shared or temporary work spaces where users must share the same Allworx IP phone. Once a user logs in with a unique extension and pin, that shared Allworx IP phone automatically becomes his/her unique extension.

Park Set Monitor

Allows you to monitor parked calls that are waiting to be answered. If you have a multi-site configuration set up, you can monitor parked calls on other Allworx sites as well. 

Queue Alarm

Alerts agents when callers in a specific queue have exceeded a specified wait time and/or a specified number of callers are waiting in that queue. This feature requires an Allworx Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software license key. 

Shared Call Appearance

Useful when you want to share a line(s) among multiple users. Do you and your colleagues want to be able to say “Hi, there is a call for you on line one”? It can be easily set up in an Allworx system.

To see the complete list of programmable functions, download the Allworx IP phone user guide or brochure from the Allworx Resources page.

Trade-Up and Trade-In Program

It’s easy to grow your business with Allworx Connect.

Not sure how many employees you’ll be adding in the future? You can always trade up from one Connect system to another with ease.

Or perhaps you have an older Allworx system (6x12, 6x, 48x, or 24x) you’re looking to upgrade? Trade it in for a brand new Connect system at a price that’s easy on the wallet.