Say Hello to Allworx® Verge™

With a Verge IP phone on your desk and the Allworx Reach™ mobile app in your pocket, you can talk on the go or in the office. Without missing a beat.

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Allworx Verge Product Announcement

Isn't it time your desk phone knows who your important contacts are?

Allworx® Connect Vx

Get the cloud communication you need — easy and affordable.

Allworx has delivered integrated business voice communications for over 20 years. Our “work anywhere with Allworx” products streamline the features your business needs most — mobility, desktop integration, sophisticated call centers, full analytics, security — into one completely integrated package.


Allworx Connect Vx

An over-the-top dedicated software application.


Connect Vx Diagram


Allworx simplifies VoIP and the cloud with total integration

We design the software AND the phones for the best user experience:

  • Software and hardware are completely integrated for a consistent powerhouse feature set
  • Cloud-based and premise-based systems are completely integrated so each one of your sites can use the best option for their region, whether it’s rural or urban

Existing Allworx customers can move to the cloud with no change to their work processes, no interruption to their business, and no change to users. It’s easy and convenient!


Which Allworx Connect Model is Right for You?

  1. Requires an additional advanced software license key(s).
  2. A system extension does not have an individual voicemail box (e.g., break room, customer service queue). The maximum number of system extensions is equal to the maximum number of user licenses available for a server.
  3. Handsets include Allworx IP phones, activated Allworx Reach licenses, generic SIP devices, and analog devices.
  4. Requires Allworx System Software 8.1 or higher.

Trade in now and move to the cloud!

Enjoy the advantages of our cloud-based platform while maintaining the same amazing feature set you love today ... trade in your existing Allworx server and get a great deal on Allworx® Connect™ Vx!

Mobility integration with Allworx Reach™ and Allworx Interact™ Softphone means you can work anywhere with Allworx, seamlessly moving your mobile calls from one network to another.
• Easily tie multiple sites together when your business grows.

•Set up your Call Center with the sophisticated Allworx

•Automatic Call Distribution solution.

• Allworx Connect Vx provides multiple secure data centers with configuration and power redundancy.

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