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Allworx Verge Product Announcement

Isn't it time your desk phone knows who your important contacts are?

Allworx® Dual Language Support

For International or Multi-Cultural Businesses

Serve your customers and employees in their preferred language.


English, plus Castilian Spanish or Canadian French

  • Offer voice prompts and phone text in English, plus one more language – Castilian Spanish or Canadian French.
  • Multi-language support for voice prompts includes auto attendant and call queue greetings, conference center greetings, Follow Me call routing, message center greeting and menu, Allworx Reach Link™ instructions, and other phone feature instructions.
  • Multi-language support for phone text includes all texts shown on the phone screens, including instructions and soft keys.



Flexible Language Selection

  • For incoming callers: Play the greetings and voice prompts in the language that matches the incoming callers’ geographic area.
  • For internal employees: Play the voice prompts and show phone text in the language preferred by each employee.
  • Incoming callers and internal employees can press the pound key (#) twice at any time to switch the language.
  • Select auto attendants and call queues can also be set to play a specific language.
Flexible Language Selection

Language Customization by Line

  • Associate a specific DID with a select language so incoming calls will automatically receive greetings and voice prompts in the preferred language.
Language Customization by Line

Which Connect Model is Right for You?

  1. Requires an additional advanced software license key(s).
  2. A system extension does not have an individual voicemail box (e.g., break room, customer service queue). The maximum number of system extensions is equal to the maximum number of user licenses available for a server.
  3. Handsets include Allworx IP phones, activated Allworx Reach licenses, generic SIP devices, and analog devices.
  4. Requires Allworx System Software 8.1 or higher.