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Job Posting:

Exceptional Full Stack Software Engineer

Web and business application development

Job Description

We are looking for software developers with experience and proficiency in full-stack web application development (user interface, database backends, API design and implementation).

The following skills are required:

  • Experience with Microsoft Visual Studio, C# and .NET, and ASP.NET.
  • Experience with web applications with SQL Server database backends.

Possessing some of the following skills would be a significant advantage:


  • Experience with C/C++
  • Experience with Javascript, jQuery.
  • Experience with IIS MVC.
  • Experience with web application frameworks (e.g. React).
  • Experience with design and use of APIs for web services.
  • Experience with team software development doing continuous integration.

And these would be a bonus:

  • Specialized knowledge of communication and protocol stacks (TCP/IP, Web/Internet protocols, etc.) and tools (e.g., Wireshark).
  • Experience with VoIP or other telecommunications systems and protocols (particularly SIP/RTP).

As a member of the Advanced Applications Development software team, you will be responsible for maintenance of our customer-facing web portal and its interfaces to other systems (being a client invoking third-party APIs, and being a server offering our own APIs), and the redesign of its user interfaces using modern web application frameworks.


Allworx Engineers do this:

  • Work with System Engineering to create and document requirements and use cases
  • Develop and document designs that fit within or extend the system architecture
  • Perform technology investigations and develop prototypes
  • Provide work estimates for design and development tasks
  • Construct and unit test code on a variety of platforms
  • Quickly debug and fix product issues reported by both QA and customers in the field

About Allworx

The Allworx R&D team (located in Rochester, NY) designs and delivers high-value business communications systems that are innovative and dependable – VoIP Phone Systems, IP Phones, PC applications, and Mobile applications. Developing our own intellectual property allows us to produce a business phone system product line with an aggressive and advanced feature set, including integration with mobile devices and contacts, and integration with PC apps.

We’re a company that places a strong emphasis on engineering – we were founded by engineers, and we strive to hire and retain exceptional individuals that are in the top 10% in the industry. The contributions of each engineer are critical to the success of the company - we have pride in the products we create, and our company has a great amount of pride in us. We asked our team members what they would want to tell you about working here, and these are some of the things they said:

  • It’s inviting, fun, and challenging (the good kind)
  • Smart co-workers - no slackers
  • There's a focus on longer-term quality, not just on getting "something done now" or checking off arbitrary boxes on a schedule
  • Flexible hours
  • People are given a large amount of autonomy to get their job done
  • Collaboration wins over protocol

The Allworx experience is challenging and rewarding.   What you create will have an immediate impact on our customers and our company.

Please submit resumes to: