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Allworx Verge Product Announcement

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Allworx® Unveils System Software 8.6 — Supporting up to 1,975 Users in Multi-server Installations — Plus Support for the Upcoming Allworx Interact Softphone™

Rochester, NY - December 19, 2019

Allworx Corp., a Windstream company, introduced the latest generation of software for the award-winning family of Allworx VoIP communication systems designed for Small- and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). Supporting Allworx Connect™ servers, Allworx Verge™ VoIP telephones, linked mobile devices and other equipment, these software upgrades provide valuable enhancements and features for their expanding base of customers.

“The new 8.6 software release is a real step forward for the Allworx product line. In a multi site customer environment our systems will now handle up to 1975 users. This opens up some new markets for us and our resellers at the high end of the SMB space. It also allows Allworx end user customers to be able to continue to grow their businesses on the Allworx platform,” said J. Thomas Elliott, Director of Sales and Business Development at Allworx. “Beyond the growth features, 8.6 also contains the basic software to allow us to deploy the Allworx Interact Softphone, scheduled for release in early 2020. Softphone, when added to Interact and the Reach mobility product, put Allworx in the forefront of satisfying the needs of customers with mobile and remote workforces – an ever increasing characteristic of today’s businesses.“

Meet System Software — More Users, More Features
The latest version of Allworx system software provides key features which will enhance the workflow of Allworx SMB customers:

  • Support for up to 1,975 users in multi-site installations;
  • Support for the upcoming Allworx Interact Softphone™ (Early Access Beta release 1Q2020). Requires licenses to be provided by a new Allworx Interact Softphone Feature Key;
  • An option for ACD agents that miss a call to automatically return to a ready state after a configurable time delay;
  • An option for on-phone assignment of users and system extensions on phones that were added using the server admin interface, including using the Quick Add feature;
  • Enhancements to Emergency Call email notifications, including an email test option;
  • Other miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes.

Reminder: System Software Release 8.6 runs on Allworx Connect servers, only. No support is provided for Allworx 6x, 6x12, and 48x servers nor for multi-site networks that are mixed, with both x-series and Connect servers.

Allworx Reach™
Allworx Reach™ extends the rich functionality of the Allworx IP phone to mobile devices. The latest 5.1 releases of Allworx Reach extend the new Park to Extension feature right to your mobile device.

Allworx Interact™
Allworx Interact™ — the ultimate call control dashboard — combines the ease of a PC-based interface with the high voice quality of the Allworx IP phone to boost employee productivity. The latest release provides an extremely powerful interface for the new Park to Extension feature, as well as enhanced drag-and-drop behavior.

About Allworx
Headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., Allworx is an award-winning maker of VoIP communication systems for SMBs and a wholly owned subsidiary of Windstream. Allworx provides a complete portfolio of VoIP systems, IP phones, network switches and advanced software options to help SMBs create solutions tailored to meet their unique needs. Allworx has deployed more than 60,000 VoIP systems and more than 950,000 IP phones across more than 38,000 business customers to date. Allworx is available to SMBs through a network of 1,000+ independent resellers in the U.S., Canada and Latin America, and also as Windstream IP Simple, a managed monthly subscription service that combines Allworx with VoIP and data services from Windstream. For more information, please visit

About Windstream
Windstream is a leading provider of advanced network communications, including cloud computing and managed services, to businesses nationwide. The company also offers broadband, phone and digital TV services to consumers primarily in rural areas. For more information, visit

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