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September 11th, 2018

How A Better Phone System Can Help Improve School Safety

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To Improve School Safety, Don’t Overlook the Phone System…

As a leader in communication technology (with more than 30,000 customers including hospitals, government agencies, and school districts), we know that getting critical information — to the right people, at the right time — can make a significant difference during an emergency.

And while many schools are taking steps to improve safety and security, one of the most critical aspects may likely be overlooked: the school phone system.

Better Phones + Urgent Notifications = Increased School Security

Unfortunately, many schools have outdated phones and telephone communication systems. Sure, this can be a hassle on any given school day. But during an emergency, an outdated, unreliable phone system can pose significant risks for students and staff alike.

Without a reliable phone system — or one that sends urgent notifications — school security may be compromised, and emergency response may be delayed. And first responders, school staff, parents and students may be confused due to unreliable communication and a lack of timely, coordinated notifications.

Improving School Security: We have Learned from Best Practices

As leaders in VoIP technology, we have learned from best practices. And in developing a more reliable, more intelligent phone system to help improve school safety, you could say we’ve clearly done our homework …

For example, Allworx phone systems offer easy setup and configuration, essential backup capabilities and 911 notifications for school administrators, teachers, and safety personnel. The Allworx® Verge™ 9304 IP phone is also ideal for classrooms, especially considering how easy it is to use — and equipped with a 911 Alert feature.

So if a teacher, or anyone in the school, dials 911 on an Allworx phone, the Allworx system can be configured to notify any combination of Allworx IP phones and mobile devices. The system can also send time-critical emails and text messages to administrators, school security, or even law enforcement — which can help make a critical difference in monitoring school security, implementing safety protocols, and improving emergency response. Of course, the Allworx system can be configured to follow school procedures, and conform to individual district protocols and safety policies.

Allworx Offers Financial Assistance to School Districts

We’re committed to advancing communication technology. We’re also committed to improving the safety of our schools. And we understand that while funding may be available for school security improvements, we know that most school budgets have challenges when it comes to funding. 

That’s why Allworx is offering financial assistance to help schools update their phone communication capabilities. For example, if a school district purchases 100 Allworx Verge phones (which include the 911 Alert feature) from an Allworx Authorized Partner, Allworx will provide 15 Allworx 9304 phones — at no charge.

To learn more about how an Allworx phone system can help improve school safety, or see what offers are available for your school, please contact Allworx or your local Allworx Authorized Partner.

Tom Elliott

Tom is Director of Sales and Business Development for Allworx. He is responsible for managing Allworx’s nationwide sales and support team as they grow the business through an extensive network of dealers and distributors. Tom joined the Allworx team during its start-up phase in 2003 as a consultant to senior management.

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