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Allworx Verge Product Announcement

Isn't it time your desk phone knows who your important contacts are?

March 2nd, 2020

Working Remote: Make calls from across town … or across the globe

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Allworx phone systems have been a staple in the remote worker business environment for over a decade. This capability is built in to our corporate DNA.

Allworx Creates a Seamless Remote Work Environment

We envisioned — and built — a unified business communication system. With Allworx, the office phone, the home phone, the PC softphone, and the mobile client all execute Allworx software, and deliver the same capability and user experience. This amazing flexibility gives businesses — and employees — many options in how they manage their time, their location and their costs, to keep the business running smoothly as conditions change.

Allwox pioneered this field. All the way back in 2006, users were pleased to learn that Allworx phones seemed to magically work remote, with no hassle of extra equipment or VPN setup. What a thrill! What more could a remote worker want?

Adding Your Deskphone to Your Smartphone

Fast-forward to 2013 — the Allworx Reach™ mobility feature added the Allworx phone to an Android or iOS smartphone. Shortly after, Reach Link™ was introduced. Not only could mobile devices access the home-base server, but users could hop from one wireless network to another while maintaining their wireless call. This took remote worker capability to a whole new level.

We started suggesting to users that they need to ‘See The Three’ — a phone in the office, a phone at home, and a phone on their mobile device (for NBA fans, this was before Steph Curry made it a household expression). They would always be in touch, always able to use the features that they used every day.

Add a few more years, and Allworx had a brand new product line — Connect™ servers — with all of the original features of the X series servers, plus a lot more capability for managing remote workers.

Letting Your Laptop Be Your Phone

And in May 2020, we are introducing the Allworx Interact™ Softphone. This product allows the remote worker to use their laptop as the voice communication tool. Allworx Interact Softphone is a fully-featured softphone executing on a Microsoft Windows platform, utilizing the award-winning Interact™ Professional user interface with core Allworx phone software in the background.

This means that remote workers can make calls, answer calls, see status, participate in an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) group, change presence, interface with CRM software, record calls, speed dial, and much more. They can do all this directly through their laptop, and can also tie in their Allworx Verge™ desktop phone for high-profile meetings when the ultimate in voice quality is a benefit.

Allworx: A Complete, Flexible Phone Solution

So, whether your employees are in a single location or distributed sites, at the desk or on the road, Allworx can create a seamless user experience.

To find out more about how your company can use Allworx to enhance the communications efficiency of full-time or part-time remote workers, contact an Allworx Authorized Partner today, or call us at 866-ALLWORX for more information.

Tom Elliott

Tom is Director of Sales and Business Development for Allworx. He is responsible for managing Allworx’s nationwide sales and support team as they grow the business through an extensive network of dealers and distributors. Tom joined the Allworx team during its start-up phase in 2003 as a consultant to senior management.

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