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October 1st, 2018

A Smarter Business Phone Solution: The Allworx ABC Program

Allworx Product News | VoIP Business Phone System

It really is that smart — and simple.

The Allworx ABC Program offers advanced business phone systems at a fixed monthly cost — without capital expenses or any initial investment. 

Do More with Your Phones (And Your Budget)

Whether you’re a startup, or looking to upgrade the telephone communication system throughout your enterprise, the Allworx ABC Program offers several advantages, including:

  • no upfront costs — turn a capital investment into a monthly operating expense
  • simple billing — phones, installation, additional services and other costs can be bundled into a single monthly expense
  • potential savings — replacing your existing phone system and service with Allworx phone equipment and SIP service may cost less
  • convenient payments — with the ABC program, you get a single monthly bill with ACH payment (or you can pay separately for SIP service)
  • easy financing — Allworx offers financing through Byline Financial Group, which has an impressive 96% qualification rate

Indeed, the Allworx ABC Program is a wise choice: it allows you to transform a capital expense into an operating expense (which can make you look quite clever/rockstar/genius by doing so)

Yet it may also unlock the potential to use the funds earmarked for your phone investment in other ways that can help improve your business (which can make you look even more clever/rockstar/genius).  

Put Your Workphones to Work

Allworx systems are ready to go right out of the box — so you can get to work (instead of wasting time trying to get your phones to work).

With Allworx, many advanced VoIP features come standard: unlimited call routes, remote IP phone support, auto-attendants, and various presence settings, just to name a few.

Allworx also offers other services and advanced software options, such as analytics, multi-site support, desktop voice integration, and more. 

Allworx: A Complete, Flexible Phone Solution

The Allworx ABC Program is completely flexible and customizable (unlike other "Hardware as a Service" (HaaS) or "Hardware as a Rental” (HaaR) business phone rental programs).

With Allworx, you can choose what best fits your business — including the Allworx phones and features, optional SIP services, and partner-provided services you need — as a simple, monthly operating expense.

Get Unrivaled Performance, Value & Service

Even better, Allworx provides outstanding performance and customer service support. In winning Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Value award, Allworx was noted for “… delivering the best performance at the best price, along with unrivaled overall customer experience."

Learn More About the Allworx ABC Program

To get more details about Allworx business phone systems, equipment, and services — and learn more about the advantages of the ABC Program    please contact Allworx or your local Allworx Authorized Partner.

David Plakosh

David is CTO and General Manager at Allworx. He oversees the strategic direction of the business and leads all research and development activities. David began his career at Allworx in 2001 as principal engineer.

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