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Isn't it time your desk phone knows who your important contacts are?

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Job Posting:

Exceptional Dev Ops Engineer

DevOps software development, creating automated infrastructure for scalable cloud deployment of Linux-based production systems

Job Description

We are looking for expert-level proficiency in building out scalable production cloud infrastructure. Experience with cloud-hosted Linux containers and virtual machines is required.

The rest you can learn. We are looking for candidates who have demonstrated that they are smart and get things done. Possessing some of the following skills would be a significant advantage:

  • Experience with Linux system development.
  • Experience with modern scripting languages and API development.
  • Experience with team software development doing continuous integration.
  • Specialized knowledge of communication and protocol stacks (TCP/IP, Web/Internet protocols, etc) and tools (e.g. Wireshark).

As a member of the Advanced Applications Development software team, you will be responsible for development of scalable deployment infrastructure for our growing cloud-based product line. You will work with members of our R&D to specify the requirements and plan for deploying, monitoring, and managing the production virtual systems used by our customers and within R&D.

Allworx Engineers:

  • Work with System Engineering to create and document requirements and use cases
  • Develop and document designs that fit within or extend the system architecture
  • Perform technology investigations and develop prototypes
  • Provide work estimates for design and development tasks
  • Construct and unit test code on a variety of platforms
  • Quickly debug and fix product issues reported by both QA and customers in the field

About Allworx

The Allworx R&D team (located in Rochester, NY) designs and delivers high-value business communications systems that are innovative and dependable – VoIP Phone Systems, IP Phones, PC applications, and Mobile applications. Developing our own intellectual property allows us to produce a business phone system product line with an aggressive and advanced feature set, including integration with mobile devices and contacts, and integration with PC apps.

We’re a company that places a strong emphasis on engineering – we were founded by engineers, and we strive to hire and retain exceptional individuals that are in the top 10% in the industry. The contributions of each engineer are critical to the success of the company - we have pride in the products we create, and our company has a great amount of pride in us. We asked our team members what they would want to tell you about working here, and these are some of the things they said:

  • It’s inviting, fun, and challenging (the good kind)
  • Smart co-workers - no slackers
  • There's a focus on longer-term quality, not just on getting "something done now" or checking off arbitrary boxes on a schedule
  • Flexible hours
  • People are given a large amount of autonomy to get their job done
  • Collaboration wins over protocol
  • Engineering is viewed as an asset, not an overhead cost

The Allworx experience is challenging and rewarding.   What you create will have an immediate impact on our customers and our company.

Please submit resumes to: