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Two Moves in a Year, No Downtime, and Considerable Savings? Meet the Allworx VoIP Communication System

The North Dallas Chamber of Commerce (NDCC) is a business organization that provides its members opportunities to grow their networks, keep up to date with local issues, and make Dallas a better place to live, work, raise a family and build a business.

First Priority: Maintain Uninterrupted Communications During New Building Construction

As NDCC’s building was being torn down and rebuilt, the real challenge was to how to handle the move of their telecom services to a temporary space and then back to the new building without any downtime. NDCC’s vendor of choice was Integracom, who accomplished the transitions with no interruption to NDCC’s daily work schedule or communications with members.

Integracom utilized an Allworx 731 Connect™ Server located at the Integracom Colocation facility to provide continuous service during construction. By equipping the server with modern SIP trunks (IP access to the telecom network), NDCC was able
to take immediate advantage of savings and the functionality of the new system. New Allworx Verge™ phones were set up and used throughout the process as NDCC moved three times in one year. In addition to the uninterrupted service and business continuity, NDCC also saved considerable dollars on their communications costs.

“It’s been a terrific productivity tool for us. We’re often at meetings both on and off-site, and it’s great to be able to stay connected and manage our phone calls and voice mails easily – no matter where we are”

— Jeff Kitner, North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Chief Operating Officer

Mobility Apps and New Phone Features Mean That Staff and Members Are Always Connected

Allworx Verge™ phones with Bluetooth capability allowed NDCC staff to connect their mobile devices to their new phones. And with the Allworx Reach™ app on their mobile devices, staff could communicate with members just as if they were in the office. This was a huge gain in productivity, especially during the construction phase. In addition to mobility, other features of the system included:

  • color displays
  • contact sharing
  • voice mail messages appear as emails

All of this capability and productivity enhancement was provided at no additional cost for software or licensing.


Upgrading Saves Money and Adds Innovation

NDCC looked at other solutions — including hosted services — however, Integracom was able to prove that they could provide continuous service throughout the whole construction process, and save NDCC money as well. The recommended Allworx system met the strict requirements that NDCC imposed and made for a smooth transition to a modern communications system.

The end result was a customer pleased with the modern features, benefits and reliability of their new Allworx VOIP Communication System. And they pay considerably less than what they had been paying for their old legacy system and network costs. “We’ve upgraded our technology and pay less for our telecom service, thanks to the Allworx system,” said Jeff Kitner, North Dallas Chamber of Commerce Chief Operating Officer.

“We’ve upgraded our technology and pay less for our telecom services, thanks to the Allworx system.”

— Jeff Kitner, North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Chief Operating Officer

Key Benefits of Allworx for North Dallas Chamber of Commerce

Local Allworx partner provided no downtime during construction and repositioning phase

Cost savings

Innovation — New technology

Reach™ Mobility feature allows continuous communications with members and business community

Solution Personalized for The North Dallas Chamber of Commerce

Industry: Business Network

Locations: 10707 Preston Rd., Dallas, Texas


Allworx VoIP Systems: One 530 Connect™ server

Allworx IP Phones: 6 Allworx 9312 Verge™ IP phones and 6 Allworx 9308 Verge™ IP phones

Allworx Advanced Software Options: Allworx Reach™ and Allworx Interact™ Professional