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Rosedale Medical Improves Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency with Allworx®

Looking for a New Business System That’s Up to the Challenge

A major office move is often a trigger to re-evaluate current business processes and systems. That was certainly the case for Rosedale Medical, which was planning a move to a new state-of-the-art clinic with an attached lab and pharmacy. They needed a new phone system that would serve their patients as well as the varied capabilities of their office. At the same time, the new phone system needed to be easy to use – easy enough that it wouldn’t further complicate life for the staff that was already challenged with keeping operations seamless throughout the move.

Rosedale Medical is a comprehensive primary care medical practice consisting of six physicians and a supporting staff including nurse practitioners, social workers, a dietician, a chiropractor, a consulting pharmacist, a consulting psychiatrist, and a clinic manager. This practice is part of the Hamilton Family Health Team, a group of 150 physicians working together to care for the majority of Hamilton, Ontario’s population.

Rosedale Medical worked with Jamie McCammon of JM Telecom, a committed provider of quality communications products and services. Rosedale’s past experience with JM Telecom gave them confidence that JM Telecom understood their unique communication needs, could meet the required service levels, and would provide personalized service. Jamie recommended an Allworx VoIP communication system to Rosedale Medical for its broad range of features and ease of management. As Jamie promised, the new Allworx system was pre-configured, programmed, and in place by the move date.

“If we need something, there’s a way to make it work with the Allworx system.”

—Steve Sheldrick, clinic manager


Allworx Automatic Call Distribution Helps Improve Patient Experience

Maintaining quality health care delivery means careful, consistent attention to communication. Rosedale makes maximum use of Allworx Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) by sending every call through Allworx ACD, assuring all callers will receive personal attention. The Allworx system enables Rosedale to define more queues, and route patients to the correct appointment booking team for each of the doctors.

Various queue metrics and service-level alarms available through Allworx ACD help the staff and managers keep tabs on the number of calls waiting and the caller wait time. Callers hear useful information while they’re waiting, which shortens call handling time and reduces the number of abandoned calls. When the clinic’s answering attendant steps away for lunch or a break, other people in the office can see the incoming call traffic and proactively log in to help cover the call overflow.

Rosedale also placed an Allworx phone in the waiting room to provide an additional convenience for patients and their families.



Update the ACD queue settings from anywhere (a sample screenshot for an illustrative purpose only).

Allworx Provides Mobility, Cost Savings, and Ease-of- Management

For those Rosedale staff members who work out of multiple Hamilton Family Health Team locations, Allworx provides the flexibility to configure a “Follow Me” feature so that the incoming calls to their extensions are auto- matically transferred to their mobile numbers when they are not at their desks. For example, the clinic’s pharma- cist uses this ”Follow Me” feature to receive all incoming calls despite working across different clinic locations.

Steve Sheldrick, Rosedale’s clinic manager and the president of the Ontario Medical Group Management Association, places a high value on the cost savings that the Allworx system delivered and continues to provide for Rosedale Medical. Steve receives the data he needs in real-time and, in a significant improvement from the old phone system, can easily make system configura- tion changes online. Steve says, “If we need something, there’s a way to make it work with the Allworx system.”

Solution Personalized for Rosedale Medical

Industry: Health care

Locations: Hamilton, Ontario


Allworx VoIP Systems: Allworx 48x server

Allworx IP Phones: 34 Allworx 9204 IP phones, 12 Allworx 9212L IP phones, and 9 Allworx 9224 IP phones

Allworx Advanced Software Options: Allworx Automatic Call Distribution