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Isn't it time your desk phone knows who your important contacts are?

It’s All About Time at SFPS

About Sams Fischer Packard & Schuessler, LLC

Cincinnati-based Sams Fischer Packard & Schuessler, L.L.C. (SFPS) is a team focused on the client’s needs. Individuals and businesses look to them for assistance developing legal strategies and solutions as well as personal representation. SFPS covers a wide range of practice areas, including Business and Tax Law, Family Law, Real Estate, Estate Planning, Domestic Relations, Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property and more. SFPS attorneys are often represented in top award selections including Cincy’s Leading Lawyers (Cincy magazine), Rising Stars (SuperLawyers magazine), Top 100 Trial Lawyers (National Trial Lawyers), and others. In addition to their numerous publications and awards, the SFPS partners are involved in various charitable and civic activities.

The attorneys at SFPS spend a large percentage of their time out of the office: at the courthouse, at client sites, and in transit to other locations. Their time is extremely valuable, and any time not actively spent in meetings when out of the office represents a lost opportunity.

When their existing phone system began to reach the end of its useful life in early 2012, they recognized that it didn’t have the functionality that might enable them to efficiently conduct business and keep their attention focused on their clients. SFPS turned to Powernet to review their needs and recommend a solution to fit their requirements. Powernet understood the mobile nature of the firm and introduced SFPS to the Allworx communication systems.

“It’s dependable — we’ve had no downtime, either internet or phone, and that’s a very big thing!”

—Carla Hale, Office manager, SFPS

Allworx Enables Law Firm to Increase Efficiency and Client Contact

With an Allworx 6x and Allworx Reach software, SFPS attorneys are always in contact with their clients. The Reach software makes the attorney’s cell phone an extension of the office phone system, enabling the attorney to place and receive calls regardless of location, and to transfer a conversation to someone else in the office when it’s time to walk into a meeting or into court rather than asking the client to hang up and redial. Given their dedication and work volume, the SFPS attorneys also spend part of their time at home on client issues. With the Reach mobile application, they’re placing calls from their cell phones as if they were in the office, with all of the features and functionality of their office phones.

The weather in Cincinnati always has the potential to be a challenge, and with their old network and phone system combination, the weather provided additional challenges for SFPS, often creating outages. Any outage is not good, but in a business where client contact is primary, outages are a major concern. Allworx and Powernet have changed things at the SFPS office. Office manager Carla Hale says “It’s dependable — we’ve had no downtime, either internet or phone, and that’s a very big thing!”

SFPS attorneys focus their time and energy to help their clients through their most difficult experiences and to help their clients maximize opportunity within their best experiences. With Allworx and Powernet, more of their time is directly available to their clients.



Allworx ReachTM for iOS or Android connects you to your office phone system from anywhere you need to work, offering access via both Wi-Fi and cellular data networks.

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