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Why T&T Chose Allworx® as the Best Solution to Replace Aging Nortel Systems in Their Alberta Stores

About T&T Supermarkets

When T&T Supermarkets was faced with a situation where their existing Nortel phone systems in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta had reached their ‘end of life’ they had to act. They began to look for a dependable and affordable replacement system. The Allworx VOIP communications system provided T&T Supermarkets with the reliable and cost effective solution they were seeking.

T&T Supermarkets is a Canadian supermarket chain that sells numerous forms of Asian foods along with other products. The chain is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia.

In 1993, the first T&T was opened in Burnaby’s Metropolis at Metrotown area in Metro Vancouver. With rapid expassion, T&T is now Canada’s largest Asian supermarket chain. It has ten stores across British Columbia, five in Alberta and nine stores in Ontario. More stores are expected to open in the coming years.

T&T is part of Loblaw Companies, which purchased it in July 2009

“Allworx is as easy and dependable as the Nortel systems it replaced”

—Herman Poon, T&T Supermarkets

Why Allworx?

CJ Tel Communications Ltd. had built a strong trusting relationship with T&T’s Edmonton and Calgary locations due to the ongoing service they had provided T&T on their Norstar systems. When T&T was faced with finding a suitable replacement for their mature phone systems they took the recommendation of an Allworx VOIP communications system as a replacement from the people they trusted. Jody Ziegler from CJ Tel Communications Ltd. told T&T that the Allworx VOIP communications system would not only provide the features they were used to on their old system, but it would give them improvements in cost savings and ease of operation.

T&T had determined that the new system had to provide all the benefits of the old system, and also do more for their company. As Herman Poon from T&T Supermarkets stated “it is as easy and dependable as the Nortel systems it replaced”. As the company grows being able to standardize and scale up with Allworx as a management efficient system was an important factor in their decision.


How Multisite keeps costs down while keeping them connected

Two of T&T’s Edmonton stores will be using the Multisite feature of the Allworx system with the newly installed Calgary store. This will allow the locations to easily extension dial from one site to another. Allowing T&T staff to check on stock or reach employees between the three locations is a big benefit. This can be done without incurring additional costs, or tying up phone lines.

The Next Step

Currently the stores are utilizing analog phone lines on the Allworx VOIP system, with one store using some SIP trunking. Since the Allworx systems are SIP native and SIP trunking is already built in, it is an easy, cost effective way to exercise the benefits of SIP technology without any extra incurred costs for equipment or licensing. Soon all three stores will be taking advantage of this feature.


Key Benefits of Allworx for T&T Supermarkets

Simplicity of use – easy for a user to transition from a Nortel system

Smoothness of installation

Sip trunking ability built in – cost savings

Multisite – standardized and management efficient

Support generic sip devices (RXT mobile handsets)


Solution Personalized for T&T Supermarkets, Alberta

Industry: Retail—Grocery

Locations: Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta


Allworx VoIP Systems: Three (3) Connect 536 servers

Allworx IP Phones: 89 Allworx 9204 IP phones, 36 Allworx 9212L IP phones and 6 Allworx 9224 IP phones

Allworx Advanced Software Options:  Multisite, Allworx Reach, Reach Link, Interact Professional, Generic SIP, Conference Center